About Us

Berkshire Paint & Stain
is a painting company, specializing in interior and exterior painting, deck refinishing. staining, and commercial painting services. Owned by Chris Mattioli who truly loves to paint and help create beautiful and inviting spaces.

Our Mission
is to offer the best value in painting while keeping strict quality control on every job. As a result, each paint job is going to look beautiful and last many years. Whether we’re painting inside or out, we use only the highest-quality, eco-friendly paints.

Our Service Area
The Berkshires and the Hudson Valley area.


30+ Years of Experience

Berkshire Paint & Stain won’t leave any spills, spatters, splashes, or misplaced paint.
We wipe down, sweep, vacuum, and clean up everything after each day and at the end of every job.

We pack away the trash and move the furniture back in place.

We believe the key to an exquisite paint job, from clean, sharp lines to pristine, vibrant colors, is the right preparation.

Inside we will repair your drywall and caulk the trim before any paint or primer leaves the can. We truly enjoy interior painting, and we think you should too. Painting is often presented as being a boring, messy, monotonous part of home maintenance – we take issue with that. After all, what could be more fun than choosing fresh, bright new colors as a way to personalize, customize, or modernize the place where your life happens? We would be happy to help you realize your paint dreams.

Outside we will power wash your home making it look years younger, enhancing its finish and color while removing dirt, mold and mildew. Best of all, proper power washing will remove the chalky paint residue and allow the new primer and paint to adhere even better – making maintaining your house easier and increasing its value. Let us help you get the fullest life out of your exteriors by power washing your decks or gently cleaning wood and vinyl siding with a thorough power washing. We would be happy to help you increase your curb appeal.


For affordable pricing and impeccable results, call us today at 914.888.6586 for a free estimate.